Nuba Mountain Zebu

Southern Sudan Zebu.
Special Characteristics: 
Thrive in tsetse-infested areas, and thus thought to have some level of trypanotolerance; extremely small and often referred to as dwarf or pigmy cattle; phenotypically similar to Mongalla, N'Dama and the West African Shorthorn cattle.
Main Location: 
Mainly found in southern Kordofan in Sudan
The Nuba Mountain Zebu cattle are classified as Small East African Zebu, presumably because of their small body size and zebu characteristics. However, these animals have some similarities even with the N'Dama and West African Shorthorn breeds. They thrive in tsetse territories like the Humpless Shorthorns. These are probably some of the reasons for the theory that the original cattle of the Nuba tribes of the Koalib hills were small, black, humpless animals of the West African Shorthorn type. Subsequent interbreeding with the neighbouring Baggara might have resulted in the present-day intermediate type cattle (Felius, 1995). Continued indiscriminate interbreeding with the Kenana and Baggara cattle is causing steady decline in population (Rege and Tawah, 1999).