Ghana Sanga

Taurine x zebu cross
Special Characteristics: 
Small animals with variable coat colour; the head is generally long, straight or convex in profile; coat colour is mostly plain black, but black pied and brown pied coats are also common (Felius, 1995).
Main Location: 
Found in northern Ghana, particularly the drier areas towards the northern border and on the Accra plains extending into Volta region (Rege et al., 1994).
A stabilized cross of the Ghana Shorthorn (sometimes also the N'Dama) with zebu (commonly White Fulani, and sometimes Sokoto Gudali). The population of crosses is increasing. The term 'Sanga' should not be confused with the long established Sanga derivatives (zebu x Humpless) of cattle of southern and eastern Africa. The Ghana Sanga is a more recent and specific cross, and it more resembles the Shorthorns than the zebu, but like the zebu it occupies drier areas of Ghana.