Sudan Desert

Arab, Ashgur, Shugor, Butana, Beja, Drashiani, Dubasi, Gash, Kababish, Watish, Baqqara, Barka (Shukria), Hamale.
African Long-legged
Special Characteristics: 
Flock sizes are often large; large body size with broad and flat forehead in convex profile, eyes set high on sides of head; medium and pendulous ears; variable coat colour; hair coat can be coarse or fine; Haemoglobin type B in this sheep could potentially lead to high reproductive performance (Wilson, 1991).
Main Location: 
Distributed in the Sudan, north of 10°N, extending eastwards into Eritrea and westwards into Chad; in arid and semi-arid areas; mainly pastoral and grading into agro-pastoral and urban.
The hairy thin tailed type of sheep originated in western Asia, and entered Africa through the Isthmus of Suez and Bab el Mandeb. Until the third Millennium BC, the hairy thin-tailed sheep was the only type of sheep on the African continent. Domestic sheep had reached Egypt and other parts of North Africa by 5000 BC. The Sudan Desert sheep probably descended from ancient Egyptian stock (Epstein, 1971).