Sudanese Hill Goat

Southern Sudanese, Southern Sudan, Nuba Mountain, Ingessana, Latuka-Bari, Nilotic, Yei, Toposa, Dinka
Small East African Meat Goat
Special Characteristics: 
Although displaying considerable local and individual variability in size and colour, the various populations included in this group, as widely separated geographically as they are, are of a fairly similar general type. They have small and slender body; head is small with straight or slightly concave profile; pendulous, semi-pendulous or horizontally carried ears of medium size; and homonymously twisted horns in both sexes; the back is of moderate length and the rump is very short and drooping to the tail root; the tail is carried high; coat colour varies with local varieties (Epstein, 1971).
Main Location: 
The goats of the Red Sea hills of north-east Sudan, those of Jebel Marra area of Darfur (central-west), the Toposa and Dinka goat types of the south, and the goats of other non-Arab regions of the Sudan outside the main breeding areas of the well defined Nubian, Sudan Desert, and Nilotic types are classed under the general group of ‘Sudanese Hill and Village goats’ (Epstein, 1971).