Video clips

Three Endangered Livestock Breeds

Red Maasai sheep, the Sheko cow and the Ankole cow are three of the hardy indigenous livestock breeds that are under threat, yet could be useful globally as climate change makes environments more extreme.(Narrated by Dr. Okeyo Mwai - Research Scientist, Biotechnology Theme ILRI)

Chickens - World Numerous Livestock

This 3-minute film tells how chickens, the world’s most numerous livestock, provide food and money for millions of people. And how the enormous potential of chicken needs to be exploited and it’s current diversity protected.

Climate and Disease Links in Poor Regions

This 8-minute film shows how current environmental and climatic changes, combine with population increase, to trigger both new and old diseases among people and their animals. It also highlights how 200 experts from across Africa joined in search of a solution.